Dad’s Friends – Part VIII HOT!

Hi Friends, this is continuation of my Dad’s Friends series. Am posting this story after long break, sorry to keep you all waiting. I thank you for all the wonderful responses received.

After my parents were in US. I stayed back in India with one of Chennai friend whom I had started to trust lot these days. She was very kind, helpful and always cared. I loved her company. She was black and bit fat average looking girl, not much attractive though. After my return from Chennai I had decided never visit there as the hard memories from there sent shivers all over me. One fine day my friend said that her Dad is going to visit city, I didnt mind as my house was big two floor bunglow, he can easily fit in guest room. Two days went like that and one third day her dad came home.

We both greeted him, my friend was very happy to see her dad. I went back in my room giving them both some time. He took the guest room which was upstairs. As usual like any other guy I was noticed by that fellow too. It isn’t new to me and also being a guy around for tease is so much fun. That too when its close friend knowing it wouldnt make any harm. I wore little revealing clothes at home, it was my usual attire all time home so there was no point for my friend to object that. Like this three days went and I too got friendly with him but all time noticed him staring at times whenever he got chance. I could sense lust many times in his eyes, I could clearly recall that look in his eyes was same when I stayed his house while in Chennai visit. But alas he couldnt do anything to his lust than just seeing me.

So one fine evening while we all three were at home, I wore short skirt and top with bra panty inside. After some chit chat my friend said she will prepare some juice for all of us and went in kitchen. Uncle turned attention to me and stared my thighs.

Slowly he was getting bold as time passed. This made me sure that my teasing was making him frustrated for sex, I was enjoying but acted casual. There was moment of silence and my phone rang. I went my room to attend it. After speaking while I got naughty idea so before coming out removed my panty. When came out I noticed he was eagerly waiting for me to come out. He was staring me all this while and that skirt stick my ass which if properly seen gave proper hint that am not wearing panty inside. This horny guy didnt took a minute to understand that. Doing this act was teasy but it was making me hot too. My friend came out with juice tray, he sat properly and took glass. Acting ignoring him I took mine and went in balcony.

I heard him asking my friend for ice and called me too “Sheela you need ice?” I said “Yes sure” and kept kept standing in balcony. Within in minute he came at my back holding the ice bowl “hey sheela, ice for you” I turned back and smiled “thank you Uncle, why did you take effort” He said “its nothing of an effort” and while saying he looked down straight way my boobs then down till legs. His direct eying so closely made me feel somewhat odd and hot too. Making my way away from there I tried to go back inside room. But he moved a bit to face me, while walking I saw him and much to my surprise his hand was moved down between my legs and got cold feeling between my legs. He pressed an ice cube on my pussy. I almost shivered by its cold touch and he moved his hand further and pushed that ice cube inside my pussy ahhhhhhh. It gave me such a hot feeling that I stepped back and rested my back on door wall.

He took another cube and pushed same way inside my pussy ahhhhhhhhh. My glass was about to fall, he took it from my hand. Hearing my sound friend came out from kitchen while I kept standing in door with two ice cubes stuffed inside. Friend “hey what happened sheela? I heard some noise” While i stood controlling, her dad said “Its nothing, she was getting inside and by my mistake my foot fell on hers” She smiled “oh ok. thats fine. Sheela am sorry from my dad.” I tried giving fake smile. I didnt knew how to react to it, whether I should shout and tell her or keep quiet. It happened so instantly and my silence continued. She said “dad will you please hold my glass, I will be back” Uncle “if its going to take long why dont you keep on table there” She said “ops sorry” laughed and left. I tried standing straight while she went in washroom. Uncle immediately moved hand between legs and pushed another ice cube inside.

Me “ahhhhhh Uncle another wont go what are doing ahhhh” That cold feeling in my already hot pussy had made me very wet. He got on his knees and started to lick my pussy ahhhhhhh. I kept hands on his head while my legs automatically parted little while standing. With his both hands he opened my pussy lips and cubes dropped one after another all three of them, same time his tongue went inside. His thick tongue made me very hot as he started to tongue fuck me. He spread my legs and slided two of his fingers inside and stood up. Kissed my lips while fingers started to move faster inside ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh sssssssssss. Dad “cum baby for me. You been lot of tease since the time visited to Chennai” I started to cum while he kept finger fucking hard.

Then slowly removed fingers and licked them. Slowly took the fallen ice cubed and put back in juice glass of mine and asked me to finish. He went and sat on sofa while friend came out. I some how walked back to chair and sat there thinking what just happened and that too so fast. He was staring me checking if am drinking that juice or not. It went few minutes and he kept staring, I drank the glass. Then the rest of the evening went just like that. I went to my room along with friend and slept.

Next day morning I got up late as was very tired after that heavy cumming. I went out to see my friend had already made breakfast and her dad was there. He smiled me so I too gave me smile but very lightly. Friend “you woke so late Sheela, come on hurry up am getting late for office, you too get ready. Dad will be going out for some work” I just nodded head and went back in room. After brushing and taking bath I came out in towel just to see her dad standing in front of me. I got furious seeing him, before even I could say he covered my mouth with his hand and took me back into bathroom. Immediately dropped my towel making me stand naked.

He again moved hand between legs and rubbed my pussy, his strong touch made me hot instantly, I moaned. I tried to get out but door was knocked but friend “Sheela are you done are not, please hurry up am getting late” Inside his hand started to rub me hard down. I covered my mouth to control sounds going out. He “Today am going to fuck you whole day dear. Tell her to go office” he started shower. Hearing water sound she again came “sheela its getting real late for me. Even dad is left out for work. You please hurry and come yourself. Am leaving” I asked him “what is she saying, you left?” He “well thats the trick. Your balcony door was open so climbed up” He picked me up and took outside in kitchen and lay on dining table.

I was all naked, he spread legs and started to eat my pussy ahhhhhhh Uncleeeee. He “you are very very hot dear. I want to enjoy fucking you day night” he kept sucking me till I cummed hard. While I was gaining breath he dropped pants and pushed dick inside aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Uncleeee “wow this is such a wonderful feeling baby, my dick inside such a hot babe” he raised my both legs and holding my knees spread open and started giving strong shots ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh “wow your big boobs are awesome dear. I simply love the way they jump on my every shot” he pulled out and rammed hard again inside ahhhhhh sssss. Feeling his strong dick inside started to build juices again inside me and again started to cum. He kept fucking me on dining table for almost an hour making me cum five more times. After that he also cummed all over my chest and walked out.

He had some work so went out, I got up somehow and went in my bedroom. All the while I kept thinking why did I tease him. All my teasing was not to go through this. But recalling his hard fuck my body was reacting in some other way. I kept laying in tub for almost half an hour and then came out cleaning with towel. Coming out I saw Uncle was standing all naked as if waiting for me to come out. Me “what are you doing here” He “waiting for you to come out and give you this surprise” he said holding his dick which was hard erect pointing me. Me “Uncle please, what ever happened was mistake. It is not correct”

While I was saying this he came near me and raised my one leg and rubbed his hard dick on my pussy slit ahhhhhh I moaned feeling that hardness he “you seem to like this hardness isnt it” and he pushed it inside ahhhhhhhhhh I couldnt balance on one leg and moved back to rest on bathroom door. He adjusted and kept my one leg on his shoulder started to move dick slowly in out fucking me ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh. I was going crazy. He fucked that position with leg stretched on his shoulder until I cummed.

Then took me on my bed and fucked the entire afternoon. He saw watch and it was getting time for his daughter to come home. He cummed all over me and left home showing that he is been outside home whole day. Somehow creeped out of bed and cleanup up. While she came I was looking very much exhausted. She “hey Sheela, what happened to you. You looking so much tired” Me “no nothing dear I was not feeling well” She “these days you arent taking care of you well. Come let me see” I thought she might get hint of what been happening in bedroom so tried to convince her “am perfectly alright dear. Its just I need some rest, thats all” I smiled and went back in room. After some time Uncle came and heard both chatting for some time. That evening went fine and cool. The next complete day he was out and late night my friend received call from him that he will be out. I asked about him to which she said he got some urgent work to attend so wont be coming home tonight.

Next day morning I got ready while friend was in bathroom. Door bell rang so I opened door just to see Uncle standing in front. He smiled and peeped inside looking for friend. He pushed me against wall holding my both boobs and kissed my lips. He “how are you sweety” Me “Uncle please stop it and where were you last whole day and night?” He moved hand down between my legs and slid hand inside panty “I missed you lot yesterday dear” he rubbed hard making me hot instantly ahhhhhhhh. He “where is your dear friend” he slid a finger inside “ahhhh sss Uncleee” He “I asked where is your dear friend” Me “mmmmmm she is taking bath hhhhhhh” I stood there at doorstep bending in knees moaning.

He started doing finger in out, I got very hot with such dueen action and closed my eyes feeling it, I was going to cum instantly. As he sensed that removed finger and within moment again inserted in. This made me even more hot. I held his hand and started to move my waist slowly moaning with closed eyes. My top was opened and one nipple started to get sucked. This sensation made me out of control. But before I would start to enjoy I sensed lips on my other nipple too. Tensely opend my eyes to see two stranger guys sucking my each nipple and one of them had his hand inside panty. Me “ahhhhh heyyy who are you guysssssss”

As they noticed that am getting aware of whats happening he slid another finger inside pussy. With loud moan I started cumming there itself aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. He kept shaking his finger hard making me cum more n more. My top was gone and was standing only in that short skirt. Uncle picked me up and took upstairs while both other two guys followed him. He threw me on bed and First guy immediately buried his head between my legs ohhhhhhhh. His lips were big and he properly sucked me down. I heard my friend calling me, so Uncle immediately rushed out.

He told from doorstep itself looking me in getting sucked that I left as I had some emergency. She enquired about him since she had seen him after almost a day. Other also went out to which he introduced as his friend. She greeted him and then left.Both the guys locked doors and came in guest room where I was getting sucked by First guy. All guys got naked and came on bed. Other two guys pulled their dicks and kept on my face hitting with it. I closed my eyes, the Second guy took hold of my nipples and screwed hard. I shouted out and both pushed their big dicks inside my mouth. I felt like my mouth is going to tear apart. Both guys held my each boob and kept pressing hard.

The First guy down had made me cum twice so far, he stood up and positioned dick on my pussy entrance. Slowly poked his hard dick teasing me. While feeling the teasing sensation was making me go crazy. I couldnt say single word except moaning out loud as two dicks were already in. Uncle pulled out his dick and sat on my chest. Holding both boobs pressed between them and started to boob fuck. While down the First guy rammed his dick inside. Before I could scream out Second guy pushed dick inside mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was like these guys were taking out everything out of me. Later Second guy and Uncle got away and sat on my each side on bed while First guy was continously fucking me. I was lying at the edge of bed and legs were on the floor.

First guy pushed a pillow below my waist raising it and opening my pussy more open. Second guy switched position and rammed inside aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My mouth was now freed to moan as much loud as I can. The other guys got up and started to suck my nipples. They kept switching positions each guy taking turns to fuck me. This continued till late afternoon. Later all three got tired and we all four slept on that single bed. I was still in that short skirt which they never removed.

In evening friend came home and Uncle went out to open door. She enquired about me and he said that he do not know. He also told that if his two of friends stayed for one day would sheela mind that. She replied if its that important she will convince me. I got up and slowly walked towards door and peeped to see both talking.

Just then Second guy came from back and grabbed both my boobs from behind. I whispered “please stop, am very much tired” to which he replied was the most shocking thing to know “shut up bitch, we guys have paid for one day. Besides never beleived that we would get such a hot babe” saying he raised one leg to wrap backwards on his waist and pushed dick inside pussy. I covered mouth with hand so moans wont go out. Downstairs Uncle said my friend that not to worry as being outstation business partners its just for one day. He also consoled her saying that I will come home in some time and might have got stuck in some work and also infact he had called her to ask same. She said nothing and smiling went in room.

Uncle came upstairs and slowly entered room. Seeing me getting fucked he enjoyed watching the view. Second guy took me to bed and started to fuck. First guy got on top of bed and pushed dick in my mouth. Uncle went out again just so that it wont look suspicious to my friend. That evening these two guys fucked one after another till late evening. Later both got dressed up and went out for dinner. I went to sleep on the bed itself all naked feeling very tired.

At night around 10 all three guys came in room, I was lying on bed still in half sleep. Uncle had bought food for me in plate. Uncle “Sheela havent you got up, come on look I bought food for you” I was feeling hungry so slowly got up. These two guys helped me get up. On bed itself Uncle started to feed me. My friend called my mobile, Uncle noticed her call and cut. Uncle “I already told her that you are out and will return by tomorrow. So dont worry to answer her”.

I kept eating as he was feeding. Meanwhile these two guys got down and started to lick my nipples very sensously. I moaned feeling that, Uncle spread my legs with other hand and pushed finger inside pussy. He “dear Sheela you have to finish this food I bought you. So dont get carried away to whats happening around” I replied “Uncle please let me have food properly atleast” he ignored and started to finger in out rigorously ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. I couldnt gulp down the food properly, he kept finger fucking till I cummed. He again resumed to feed while I struggled to eat in that position.

The other two guys switched their places exchanging continously sucking my nipples. Their sucking was getting harder as it kept going. The plate was half finished while Uncle kept it aside and turned me on all fours. He stood up on bed and slowly tried pushing dick inside my ass ahhhhhhhhh. It pained and same time, First guy came on front of me and started to push dick inside mouth, just then there was knock on door.

Second guy said he will check, these guys didnt stop, Uncle pushed dick hard inside my ass while First guy filled my mouth with his dick cos of which I couldnt even shout. My friend was at door, she gave him tray of milk and left. Second guy took that tray with door slightly opened, since bed was in bit corner of room she couldnt get view of whats happening on bed. Uncle had pushed his dick fully inside my ass, First guy kept mouth fucking and cummed inside my mouth. I was choked and coughed to spit out his cum but Second guy took his place and pushed dick inside mouth.

Behind Uncle slowly increased his speed fucking my ass. After around 15mins Second guy also cummed inside my mouth. Seeing that Uncle pulled out dick from my ass and made me lie fully on bed. He stood over me and stroked dick to fully cum on my face all over. All three guys gave satisfied look to me and sat back on couch watching TV. I slept there exhausted and it would have been just 30mins then Uncle got up and carried me to bathroom.

He started shower and slowly giving me bath. While applying soap he kept feeling my body. That soothing feeling was actually helping me feel better. After while Second guy got inside bathroom and he too started to feel me, both guy giving me bath. I noticed both started to get hard-on. Both guys looked each other and smiled wickedly, they picked me up and Uncle pushed dick inside my pussy from front and Second guy adjusted from back. Both gave light push filling my both holes ahhhhhhhhhh.

Hearing my moan First guy peeped inside to see whats happening. The TV kept on running with loud voice, he smiled and enjoyed watching that scene. Since the floor was bit slippery these guys holding me couldnt stand properly. Second guy signaled First guy to help hold me, he came inside and pushed me up by ass making me properly fit between Uncle and Second guy. Both started to increase fucking speed one after another giving strong shots ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh. I cummed hard. As I cummed both turned like that in air itself to face Second guy. Again pushed dicks filling my both holes and resumed fucking that sandwich. I tried to gain breath trying to adjust as I was starting to get burning feeling inside me, finally after some time I cummed again. Slowly they put me down and made me sit on my knees and asked me to suck them. I looked up to them, they were smiling and hit my face with their dicks.

First guy also got horny and came standing there. I held two of dicks in each hand taking one in mouth. Guys were super enjoying that kind of scene, One after another I switched dicks sucking and stroking until they all cummed. I had mouthful of cum until they had finished. We all four then took bath for while in shower, they applying soap on me. They made me lie in bath tub while pousing water over me. They spread my legs and pored water directly inside my pussy. Each guy sat on tub edge and fingered my pussy with soapy fingers making me cum three times. After that heavy cum I kept laying in tub without any movement fully spread open. We all were in bathroom for almost 2 hours.

Then they all picked me up and carried to bed. Uncle started to feed me again from that half left plate. I didnt wanted as my hunger had gone but still took whatever he gave. I ate and finished that plate finally. We all slept on bed, I was feeling very sleepy and they too were tired.

Early morning at around 3am I sensed some movement, I noticed First guy getting down between legs, before I could react his tongue was licking my pussy aaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I moaned little high hearing which other two guys too got up. Both took my each nipple and started to suck. I started to get high feeling that. I moaned raising and lowering my chest and waist.

First guy kept hands on inner thighs and spread open them wide, he pushed all of his lips and tongue inside me aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I started to feel as if he will now suck everything out of me. I started cuming hard with that feeling, but he didnt stop. All guys were hard and erect instantly. Second guy slept on bed and First guy picked me up and kept on him. First guy lowered me to push his dick inside pussy, Second guy came from back and took control of my ass. ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh. I tried to adjust properly as it pained but my ass was spanked hard ahhhh ahhhh. Both guys pushed their dicks hard inside fucking my both holes.

Uncle came from front and squeezed my both boobs. He stood on bed and holding my head pushed dick inside my mouth. I was feeling of getting fully used after long time. There was no stopping, I started to feel building juices again. With that hard ramming it was weakening me again, they kept fucking me and after while flipped me facing First guy now. Uncle came by my side and held my clit in his fingers and pulled up high pressing it hard. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo. It gave me high all together weakening me even more.

Uncle started to rub my clit hard, I tried to push him away as I was unable to keep up that rubbing while getting fucked in both holes at same time. Second guy from below pulled me hands back to lock and increased pace of fucking. Uncle started to rub my clit even more hard, I screamed high in pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh and in while I started suirting all over aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

First guy pulled out dick and bent to take take pussy in mouth again to suck hard. Uncle sat on my chest and pushed dick inside mouth. The Second guy was continously fucking my ass ohhhhh goddddddddd guysssss plzzzz stoppppp I cant take it anymore ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. First guy pushed three of his fingers inside pussy and started to finger fucking while same time pulling clit in his lips. Uncle slapped me while fucking mouth. This kept happening till morning around 7 while they switched positions. I was completely exhausted and couldnt move at all. All three stood on bed and stroked dicks to spray all over me. They all sat on bed looking me in totally fucked up position smiling to me while the door was knocked. Uncle went to open door, it was my friend who was leaving for office. He went out to send her off.

After a while Uncle came “Guys we have her till evening” hearing that all got delighted. I was sleeping like log in spread up position unable to move. They all got freshen up also made me bath. All three fucked me again in bathroom and then whole day in every corner of my house. Later in evening they left before my friend came home. I was in completely wasted position, Uncle didnt think good idea to show me in this condition to her. So took me back upstairs in his room and placed me on bed. He went downstairs when she came and both had chat for while. Later at night around 10 when she went to sleep Uncle slowly came in room with food plate.

I was lying in bed under blanket feeling very weak. He asked me come out and have food. He started TV, I came out that way all naked and started to eat food. He looked me and smiled getting naked too. I finished food taking my own time as I was very hungry. After food I went back on bed to sleep. He came and slept beside me playing with my boobs. I asked him “Uncle, who were those guys” He “Sheela thank you for everything you have done till now. You know I had debt of 1lac which had to be paid urgently”

I was hearing keenly to what he was saying, he continued “Those were the guys from whom I had taken money and they are real bad guys. They followed me home asking for money despite ensuring them that I will pay them later. When I came home, on seeing you couldn’t resist you and so would those guys, which changed their minds. Look here is your share cut of 1lac which they paid before going. And these are my 1lac”. He rolled over me kissing my lips then neck slowly moving downwards, acting like his wife. His words sounded fishy and really didnt knew if he was telling the real truth or not. I ignored his kissing as I was in these thoughts, i sensed his dick at my ass entrance and rammed inside instantly ahhhhhhhh, while pushed two of fingers inside pussy also. He said “Sheela you are super horny and sexy girl.

I wished you to be my wife, I would have fucked you all time and every time” He sounded so horny that he was not letting me go away even for single inch. He fucked me many times that night and then the next whole day. Later next day evening I went out and presented my friend saying that I came home after meeting my relatives. Somehow tried to make it convincing, Uncle was sitting there itself to which he added mischievously “Your friend was starting to get worried sheela” Friend smiled and replied “dad came home for the first time and you were not there to meet him” I said nothing and went inside. My reaction she felt bit odd and heard she telling her dad saying that I was bit moody type. The very next day he went back to Chennai. All this while it still strikes me if his real intention to come here was what. Guys if you like this story please send your reviews to my mail id [email protected]

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