First Sex With My Hot Girlfriend

Hello everyone this is Angad from Surat. I have been a regular reader at iss from the past four to five years. I love reading stories here and enjoy the actions. This is my first story that I am writing that happened with my girl friend at her place. Please send me your comments at [email protected] and any girl aunty or bhabhi who would be interested in having sex chat or sex can contact me.

It happened between me n my ex gf when we were in a relation n let me tell u she was a one hot babe from eastern India with perfect size of 34-28-34. We were in a relation from the past five month although we had never met each other. We used to do sex chat quite often and she used to get arouse a lot n would start fingering herself sometimes n used to moan heavily. Our love n lust had increased so much that we decided to meet up in Surat. So as per planed we had decided to meet on 11 august. She came and I went to pick up her from d airport I was stunned to see her the way she was looking so hot and she came n hugged me so tightly that my dick went straight and was hitting her belly which she told me later.

I had booked a room so we headed straight there. We spoke for a while and d moment I closed the door n turned she hugged me so tightly that my 7 inch cock had erected n became hard n was pressing against her pussy. She noticed that n gave me a smile I kissed her slowly on her lips n she responded me well and soon we were smooching wildly n caressing each other’s back and sucking each other’s tongue. We were kissing each other like there was no end and I was roaming my hands on her ass and she was moaning lightly. Finally we broke the kiss after 20 min n she went for the bath. She came was wearing my t-shirt which was very loose to her and was only in my towel and was sitting in my lap. After talking about our life how much we miss each other I slowly started to give light smooches on her neck and she let out a small moan ahhhhhh.

She turned towards me and looked in my eyes and said that we shouldn’t do this. But I was in no mood to listen to her and I softly moved her hair from one side of the neck and started giving her smooches on her neck n shoulder which was arousing her. I slowly started to pull down her t-shirt from her shoulder and gave her a tight bite on her neck after which she pushed me down on the bed and came on top of me and started undressing me. As her t-shirt was loose I just glided it over her head and her bare tits were pressing against my chest.

I slowly started giving her smooches on her neck earlobe n shoulder and her breathing was becoming heavier. I slightly lifted the towel and started pressing her ass which aroused her n she started moaning like ahhhhh mnnnmmmnn uummnnnn. I was pressing her ass which was way soft like they have the north eastern girls and was biting on her cleavage and tits. I pulled her down and came top of her and slowly started to press her tits she left out a small moan ah. Her nipples had become erect and were tempting me so I started sucking her boobs

And slowly rubbed my fingers on her pussy. She went crazy for that and dig her nails in my back and was my neck badly and was giving me love bites all over my upper chest. I lowered myself and was rolling my tongue slowly on her navel and started sucking it I was roaming my tongue in circular motion which was making her crazy and she was pressing my head deep her moaning had now even became more heavier like ammnnnnnnnn fuck me baby I can’t wait anymore. I gave a smile to her and moved down to her pussy it was a clean shaven pink pussy. I slowly started roaming my tongue around her pussy and was teasing her when she just moved my head to her pussy and asked me to suck her. I started licking her pussy deep and was biting softy who was not controlled by her and she let her juices out and I drank all of them. I sucked her pussy for 20 min until she brought me up n started smooching hardly drinking her own juices from my mouth. Now it was the time I was waiting for she moved down on me and caught hold of my dick and started to move her hands up n down. I was feeling in heaven.

She started sucking my cock deep and I was pulling her by hair n inserting my dick deep within her mouth she swallowed all my cock and drank all my juices. I dint wanted to wait anymore so I picked her up and laid down on bed and came above her and placed my dick on her pussy and was rubbing slowly when she looked in my eyes and said that don’t tease me now I can’t take it anymore; just fuck me make me your bitch I want to feel you deep inside my pussy. I locked my fingers with her and lightly gave a jerk my half dick was in she moaned and screamed in pain. I again smooch her and gave her a jerk my whole dick was inside the warm and hot pussy and blood came out she had tightly wrapped her legs around my waist. I started fucking her harder and faster and she was losing her control n moaning aaaahhhhmmmmmmm uuyhmmmmnnnnnnm fuck me.

I increased my speed and started banging my balls n her pussy she was just not able to control the way I was fucking and she started enjoying after sometime. I was fucking her at great speed and she was about to cum when she digs her nails on my back tightly and cummed a lot. As we were tired we rested for a while and she again got up and came over me and placed my dick on her pussy and sat on my dick. She started riding me and I was pressing her tits hardly and it was a sight. I can’t still take out of my mind as she was jumping on my dick her tits were moving up and down and I was sucking her nipples hardly and crushing her tits. And she cum; I too came after a while and cummed in her pussy itself I laid beside her and rested.

She got up and started to play with my dick and took it in her mouth the way she was sucking it. I was moaning heavily and came in her mouth she swallowed all d cum v den got up n took bath were I fucked her again and we fucked 3 more times that day.. This was the first time we had sex and later we had many times and once we also tried a threesome with her friend which I will tell you in my next story. I hope to see good responses and hope you like my story. My email id is [email protected]