Industrial Visit – Part I – Train

Riya is the name I have used multiple times over casual hookups and erotic encounters. For obvious practical reasons, I can not share my real identity here. This is a new experience with no continuity links to my earlier stories. If interested, my previous story can be found here:

After discovering my seductive side in the experience shared in my previous story, I realized that I could get any guy to do anything for me with those abilities. And when it came to my sexual fantasies, that minefield had opened wide and new explosive ideas were blasting through my head daily. I had 3-4 more such weekends over next couple of months with similar such online acquaintances. I wouldn’t bore you with their stories because most of them usually involved chatting with bunch of people online, deciding on one of them, exchanging temporary contact details, meeting in a hotel room for a weekend of fun.

The fun usually involved initial vanilla sex, then getting bolder and doing more stuff like tying up, gagging. Sometimes, doing naughty things outside like in a swimming pool, balcony, elevators. One of the guys had picked me up from a railway station in a cab and I had let me fondle me in the cab. All in all, things were going smooth. I had learned to ignore online leeches and trolls who kept asking me for more contact etc. The wicked side of me was getting satisfied regularly and leading such duplicitous life wasn’t impacting my regular activities like college, exams etc. They were not affecting my reputation either because I was being so careful about my anonymity.

The story that I plan to narrate now, is not that of such a weekend experience. This is the story of the fun I had with both of my ex boyfriends in our 10-day industrial visit. I do not think I will be able to fit all the adventures we had in a single story, as some of my fans have pointed out that my stories tend to get too long. I will try to divide it up in 1-2 individual encounters per story. So, without much further ado, here goes.

An Industrial Visit (or as we call it, an IV) in for an Engineering student of Mumbai University is like a yearly trip to beautiful places in India where we do everything except visiting an Industry. The IV in question happened in January 2014 when we travelled to Shimla-Kulu-Manali to visit some factory I do not even remember the name of. Anyway, it was a 10-day trip. First we went from Mumbai to Ambala by a train and then from Ambala to Shimla by a bus. We stayed in Shimla for 3 nights, then traveled to Kulu where we didn’t spend a night, eventually reaching Manali where we stayed 2 more days. We came back to Mumbai via Amritsar.

We started on a Saturday afternoon. At that time, I was not part of a committed relationship. Both of my Ex boyfriends were seniors, in their final year and were obviously attending the IV. Both of them knew me intimately and both of them knew about each other. They were kind of friends whom I dated one after the other. During this IV, I had multiple twisted encounters with both of them. The first one was when we were travelling in a train from Mumbai to Ambala. College had booked proper berths for all the students randomly, but usually, people in same “groups” exchanged their seats around to ensure they get to hang out with their friends throughout the journey.

I was towards the end of a bogey with my group of friends, which included first of my Ex-boyfriends (let’s call him Rohan, for sake of anonymity). We spent most evening playing games and whatnot. By the time we all decided to get some sleep, it was 1 AM in the morning and everyone was very sleepy. The lights in the entire bogey had been switched off by then, so when we switched off lights in our area, it all became pitch black. I was sleeping in one of the upper berths and Rohan was sleeping in the upper berth opposite to mine. We had decided to stack all of our bags on the side-upper berth as it was not allocated to anyone.

At around 2 AM, I woke up to some sound and found Rohan quietly transferring all of our luggage from the side upper berth to his in the mild light. I looked down and found that a TC was standing there with an old woman. I realized that TC must’ve allocated that berth to that old lady as the seat was unallocated. I realized that this meant Rohan would have no place to sleep. Once all luggage was rearranged, the woman slept on the side upper berth and TC left. Rohan was kind of a nice-guy so I asked him to bunk with me since I knew he wouldn’t bother waking anyone else up so late.

“It’s not like we’ve never shared a berth before”, I said.
Rohan looked at me for a minute and said “Only if you don’t mind”, and smiled.

I knew he had no malice on his mind, and I let him come up and sleep beside me. We were sleeping on our sides, with our backs to each other. He was sleeping on the outside, facing outside while I was sleeping on the inside, facing inside (something like this: 9e). Good guy that he was, he kept trying to minimize the discomfort to me.

Anyone who has ever shared a berth in an Indian train knows that it’s very uncomfortable, which we realized after few minutes of effort to sleep. After that, I just turned around and told him, “I’ll face inside, you do the same. That way, we will have reasonable space to sleep properly”. He realized that it made sense and he turned. Now we were both facing inside (something like this: 99). Also, to make more space, I asked him to throw his blanket to the other upper berth and suggested that we share my blanket which was large enough for the both of us. We slept like that for about an hour. At around 3-something AM, my sleep broke by some sound again. I guess I am just a light sleeper.

Anyway, when I woke up, I realized that Rohan was sleeping almost-attached to me, most of his body was completely aligned to mine and to top it off, he had put his hands on my shoulder. Since I had slept with him before, I knew that that’s just how he sleep. Moreover, from his light snoring, I knew he was definitely asleep, and not purposely trying to take advantage.

“What a nice guy!” I thought, and within a split second, my mind went to, “If he doesn’t take advantage of this, I will”. I guess all those weekends had really sharpened up my wicked side.

I started off slow, I pushed myself a little bit behind, so that all of my back was touching his chest and stomach, and my butt was touching his groin. We were both in sleepwear so, I could easily feel the shape of his body with touch. He was not erect, obviously, since he was sleeping. Slowly, I lifted his right hand off my right shoulder with my left hand, then swiftly, I tucked his right hand arm from below my right hand so that now is hand was to my front. With my left hand, I slowly adjusted his right hand fingers so that his hand was cupping my boobs. I took my right hand down, locking his right hand in that position.

To top this all off, I put my right hand palm over his right hand palm, making sure his right hand was definitely cupping my right boob and was held in that position. I was so turned on by the crazy, demeaning things that I was doing that I didn’t even care what anyone else may see. But luckily, since both of us were facing inside and because Rohan was quite well-built, any onlooker would only see the back of his body, with no idea that a cute little me was also sleeping by his side, in his arms, doing vile things to him. Even if anyone did, the blanket covered us up pretty well so that nobody would have a clue about the naughty things I was doing inside.

Once I was done setting up his hand, I started to slowly move my hips in such a way that I was massaging his dick with my butt. Since I had never felt up a sleeping man, I didn’t know whether to expect his dick to grow or not. I was not disappointed, his dick did start to grow within a matter of seconds. In a few minutes, he was fully erect and every time I moved my hips, his tool poked my butt. Now, I carefully pushed my self onto him so that my entire back, waist and butt was pressed against his frontal body pretty hard.

I wasn’t sure what to do next though. I mean, as much as I enjoyed violating Rohan’s body, I wasn’t getting any action in return and I knew this would become very boring very fast. He needed to wake up now. So keeping myself pressed against him, I moved my head behind, making sure some of my free-flowing hair would start touching his face. This usually woke him up when we used to sleep together at his place. My gamble paid off and in a few seconds, I could feel his head move. In a few more seconds, he tried to pull his hand off my body.

Now I knew he was definitely awake, so I pretended to be asleep. Since I had placed my hand over his hand, he couldn’t take his hand off my boobs. I guess he thought if he moved too much, he would wake me up, so after a couple of tries, he let the hand be. For a few minutes, nothing happened. I thought that was it, nothing more for me tonight. I was almost disappointed that my ex-boyfriend wasn’t taking advantage of my body pressed against his. I mean, who doesn’t take advantage of a situation like that!

As it turns out, nobody. In a few minutes, I felt his dick throbbing against my butt. I realized that he was still awake and was slowly getting excited by the whole thing. A few minutes passed and then I felt him push himself against me, pushing me inside. He must’ve thought I was asleep, so I kept pretending to be. A few more minutes passed.

Now I felt his hand pressing my right boob. Slowly at first, but quite firmly in a few seconds. “The game is on!”, I thought, still pretending to be asleep. Seeing no reaction from me, he started gyrating his hips, sort of dry-humping me. I could feel his throbbing tool pressing against my butt. Slowly, but surely, my excitement also started to grow. I knew that pretty soon, I’d start moaning softly and I wouldn’t be able to pretend being asleep anymore. I was just hoping that he’d do a lot more, a lot faster by then. As if he read my mind, he pushed his left hand from under me and brought it in front of me. Quickly, he started feeling up both of my boobs with both of his hands. I was enjoying being violated in a train and I started getting wet down there.

Soon enough, He lifted my top a little bit and inserted his left hand inside, taking it up to my boobs. he must be pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t wearing any bra. He started to slowly caress my boobs and feeling up my nipples. His sudden direct touch aroused a lot of response from my body and I moaned very softly. To cover it up, I also moved a little bit, pretending to adjust while still asleep. He kept his hand inside my top and didn’t move for a while. it wasn’t long before he cupped my boobs with his hand again. This time, since I was expecting it, I did not react on the outside. On the inside though, my body was dancing with pleasure. This made him bolder. He started to feel up my waist and navel with his right hand, while still caressing my boobs with his left hand.

After running his finger over my waist for some time, he gathered his courage and slid his hand into my pajamas. I was wearing satin panties. He rubbed me over the panties for a few seconds and then slid his hand into my panties, all the while, still feeling up my boobs with his left hand.

At this point, I was fully in his arms and both of his hands were fondling me in my most private parts. The twisted part of me felt so overjoyed at being defiled like this that I was wet down there like a leaky tap. When he touched my clit with his thumb, I let out an audible soft moan. I was still pretending to be asleep but I didn’t know how much longer I could keep pretending.

After that first moaning sound, Rohan kept his hands in same position and waited for a while to see if I woke up. On seeing no further reaction from me, he started massaging my clit. This sent shivers on joy down my spine. I managed to avoid making any sounds but my body was moving to the rhythm of his hands and my breathing became heavy. In an unsuspecting moment, he slid a finger inside me, while still massaging my clit with his thumb. This sudden action caught me off guard and I let out a mildly loud moan and my eyes opened wide. He must’ve thought he startled me to wake up but surprisingly (and fortunately for me), he kept his hands as is.

Since I was clearly awake now, there was no point pretending anymore. I did want him to go on, but if I didn’t resist, he would think I am a slut. I wanted him to think that he was taking advantage of me. That’s what this whole drama was about. I couldn’t pretend to think that he had just naturally slept. A hand inside my top clearly cupping my boobs, and another hand inside my panties with a finger on my clit and a finger inside me, he was clearly doing this on purpose and I couldn’t pretend to ignore that. Or could I? I decided to play a victim for a while and see what happens.

For a few seconds, I didn’t do anything, and neither did he. After a while, he took his finger out from inside me and put it back in. He then started repeating it, in-out, in-out. He also resumed massaging my clit with his thumbs. He knew I was awake and he was still going for it. Now I knew his resolve, so I pretended to resist a little, without much force. I pushed my hand inside my pajamas, inside my panties on top of his hand and pushed it aside softly.

As I had hoped, he overcame my weak resistance and kept fingering me while massaging my clit with his thumb. He must’ve felt as if he was controlling me. His fingering became faster, and his massage of my clit gained force. He also started caressing my boobs more violently now. After a few minutes of pretending to resist, I gave in and started fully moving my hips to the rhythm of his fingers. My breathing became heavier and my moaning, while still soft, was audible now. He knew I was enjoying it. And by God, I was enjoying it like nothing I have enjoyed before.

As my moaning grew, he took his left hand out of my top and put it on my mouth silencing me. This was totally unexpected for me and as such turned me on to a whole new level. Being forcibly gagged and fingered on a train berth by an ex boyfriend while in presence of other people who know both of us, was wickedly titillating to put it mildly. My wetness down below had increased ten-folds and his fingering was making my entire body shiver. In a moment of pure heavenly pleasure, I gave out and came over his fingers. I came for like a whole minute and even after that, my body was shivering and shaking wildly.

Even before I came back to consciousness, Rohan re-adjusted his hand on my mouth and put another finger deep inside me. In a second, another, and then another. Now he was fondling my clit with his thumb while fingering me with all of his fingers. My cum on his hands acted as a lubricant and he was easily able to finger me with 4 of his fingers. I was still shaking from the previous orgasm to do anything or resist. In a swift move, he slid his thumb over my clit, slowly moving it down and carefully pushed it inside me from top of my pussy.

Now, all of his fingers were inside me. His fingering speed was slow because he must’ve thought I was in pain. And for a short while, I was, but thankfully, he still had his hand on my mouth. But as my cum from previous orgasm was all over his hands, soon enough, the lubrication made the whole thing very swift. After fingering me with all of his fingers for a while, and feeling my body’s reactions and hearing the wild moans muffled by his silencing hand, he knew he had me where he wanted. He angled his hand a little, put a bit more pressure and in a second, his entire fist was inside me.

My moaning at that moment was so damn loud that even through his hand was firmly silencing me, a mild sound went out. But in a few seconds, the pain faded. I was being fisted and I was enjoying it like a dirty little slut. I had never experienced this before, much less in a public place surrounded by my friends. If any one of them saw what Rohan and I were doing, my reputation in the college would be flushed down the toilet. But all of these were afterthoughts.

At that moment, I was on cloud 9 as Rohan’s fist found its way to my g-spot and attacked it violently. The spurts of my next orgasms were bursting out from spaces around his fist as I kept shaking within his arms with spasms of wonderful pleasures. Within those 5 minutes, I think I came 4-5 times. By the time Rohan was done with me, my panties and even my pajamas were fully wet with my cum.

He slowly took out his hand from my pajamas. He still kept his hand on my mouth because I was still shivering with the aftereffects of such heavy cumming. My breathing was still heavy and my moans, while growing softer now, would’ve been very audible had they not been silenced by Rohan’s hand. In a minute, realizing that I was back to my senses, Rohan took his hands off my mouth. I was still breathing heavily.

I turned around on the berth and kissed him on the mouth. I guess he wasn’t expecting it and was taken by a surprise. In a second, we were frenching away at each other. That kiss lasted longer than any of our kisses from the time we were dating.

“What happens in this IV will stay in this IV”, he whispered.

I nodded my head and smiled from ear to ear. He was happy to see that I was ready to go along with his inclinations.

“I need to change my pajamas before everyone wakes up. Please help me. I do not have the strength to go to the washroom alone”, I told him softly.

He nodded and slowly got down from the berth. I got down after him, but my head was spinning as I was only partly conscious and partly still in the waves of orgasms. He supported me down. I took out a pajama and a panty from my bag. Rohan instructed me to put the panties back, and I complied. I also took out a polythene bag to put the wet clothes. He put my hand around his neck and nearly carried me to the washroom. As I mentioned earlier, our berths were towards the end of the bogey, and all of the people were sleeping, so nobody noticed us.

Rohan told me it was 5 AM. I went inside the washroom. Rohan ensured that nobody was looking and he came in after me. He locked the door behind him. I took off my pajamas and panties and put them in the polythene bag that Rohan was holding. he put a knot on it and put it aside. By that time, I was back to my senses and by looking at Rohan’s face, I realized that now it was now my turn to make him cum.

Instead of waiting for him to initiate anything, I told him to put my new pajama aside and started taking his pants off. He was pleasantly surprized and complied. I did fulfill his wishes by getting on my knees and putting his dick in my mouth. In that filthy washroom, I blew his dick till he came. Almost. Just before he would come, he stopped me and asked me to take off my top. I complied. he also asked me to stand up and I did. Next thing I knew, he pinned me against the door and pushed himself onto me.

He started kissing me on my lips and on my neck. I knew where this was going and didn’t mind. He had given me the full experience, I should do the same for him. I took his tool in my hand and guided it between my legs and aligned it just below my clit. He pushed it and in a smooth stroke his entire dick was inside me. He started moving his hips.

Having sex while standing was becoming a but uncomfortable, so I put my arms around his neck, hugged him tightly and lifted my legs. I slowly wrapped my legs against his hips. Now his hip movements aligned with mine. He put his arms around my waist, pulled me even closer and started taking me violently. He moved a little behind, turned us to left and placed my butt over the wash-basin. His movements were making me crazy and I could feel loads of cum building up inside both of us. He kept hammering himself deep inside me and I kept moaning loudly. I didn’t care if anybody heard us or not. Luckily, due to all that excitement, it didn’t last for long. In a few seconds, we both came together. I let him cum inside me.His oozing, warm and fuzzy drops of cum deep inside me were elevating my senses to newer, higher levels of carnal pleasures. After we were both spent, he helped me off the wash-basin.

His cum, and mine, was dripping over my thighs. He asked me to let it be and put on my clothes. I did exactly as he asked. I spent the whole next day in the train, wearing pajamas without panties, with warm feeling of his cum on my thighs. The whole night felt more amazing than all of our nights from the time we dated put into one. And yet, that wasn’t the best part of this IV. More was still to come. Literally.

I will post the next parts of this experience at some point in future. But in the meanwhile, you can contact me at [email protected] Let me know if you like my experiences.