Sex Festival In Power House

Hi to all iss readers this is my fourth story.
For new readers it’s me Ramprasad, Bangalore from Karnataka; 25y medium built, fair and working in one of the MNC. My tool is about 6” length and 1.8” girth OK coming to the story. As you all read my second story and I got plenty of responses and I am very glad for your support.

I need thank one special person that is My lady, she is my reader and supporter without thanking her, this story will not be published. Thank you my lady. As you all know that my previous story was the phone sex with my S.I.L. That my first phone sex with my S.I.L. Without planning it happened. Always in life unexpected things give more joy and pleasure. We had explored pleasure together many times. But after the sex with her through phone, I carved to see her again. Especially thinking of her 38 size boobs make me horny. I wished to go to her at that moment and take her to the heaven of love. I masturbated three times that day thinking about her boobs. We both were waiting for my next leave to meet.

Some days after the phone sex, I got holiday leave for four days. I went to my native place. While traveling to my place I was so excited, finally I can see her again. After two days I & my family went to my grandparent house for celebrating Vijaya Dashami. All relatives was there and all excited for the celebration. Even I too was excited not only because of celebration but also I can see her now. Finally we met. She was so excited to see me. She wanted to hug me but she controlled herself because everyone was present in a hall. I winked at her. She smiled. She went to kitchen to prepare coffee for me. Since that was my grandparent home, I was free to walk everywhere. So I also followed her. I went slowly from behind I touched her belly. Suddenly she shivered and became afraid that someone might see. I laugh at her and ask her to be cool. She punched on my chest. I kissed on her back neck.

She pushed me back and told you idiot, everybody is there in home. I told her that I know all are in hall. But don’t worry darling, today you are mine. She said you idiot I am always yours, but?. I asked her but what? She said that today her parents and family members are going for temple evening along with her; its 5km from home. In this festival almost all temples around the village are visited; by hearing that I was dull and came out of the kitchen. Then she came and gave me sweet and short kiss on lips and handed me a coffee cup laughing and went to hall to serve coffee to everyone. But I was thinking that today I missed the chance what to do. Then I also went to hall spoke with everyone unwillingly.

Everyone started getting ready for temple. That time, one more cousin comes with his family. Then an idea sparked in mind. Suddenly I called my cousin brother and borrowed bike from him. Everyone was planning to go in a van. I went inside kitchen and told her to be ready will go by bike. She opposed to the idea. But I convinced her and finally agreed. Everyone can’t travel in that van. I took this as an opportunity to convince her mother that she and I will come on bike. She agreed as she know from childhood we were like friends. Then I winked at her. She blushed and came to near and pinched me. All were busy in getting ready. I whispered in her ear don’t wear anything inside. She pinched me again and told you idiot, there are 5 to 6 temples to visit and went inside to get ready.

Now everyone got ready, entered the van and they left for the temple. We went in a bike. Actually they planned to visit temple one by one in order. That gave me idea for my dream to come true. They were going the temples in an order. I know that it will take around One and half hour. So we went opposite direction. She afraid and told” you idiot, where are you going? They are in that temple”. I told “yes my darling, I know. But today we are not going to visit all temples”. My cousin farm is near to village. I took her to power house. She was afraid that if anyone find us there. Also we will not meet anyone and all are will wait in temple and if they ask where we were, then what will we say. I told her not to worry and everything will be fine. We reached power house. We entered and closed the door. She was blushing and told me “you idiot, you are dare”. Suddenly phone rang .That was her mom’s call. She was afraid to pick up. So I took the call. She inquired where we were. I told her we were in another temple so you come we will wait (But we were in our love temple, ha-ha).

Then she relaxed and stood near to me and kissed on lips and hugged tightly. You know, that was a long lasting kiss. I placed my hand on her boobs and started playing with it. I just badly missed her boobs. Then I removed her sari and we hugged for some time. At that time my tongue was circling her ear and bit her lower ear lightly. She moaned slightly and she whispered “I was waiting for this. You idiot, I love you. My hands were moving, caressing her ass. I too whispered her ears that for this only I came from long distance. Her hands moved over my pants to feel my dick. She pressed my dick. Then unzipped my pants and I was removing her blouse. For a moment we forgot about surrounding. As she opened my pants, she was shocked and bit my cheek. Because I didn’t wore under wear.

I insert my hand in her underskirt to check whether she wore panties inside as I have told her not to wear it. But I felt she wore panty. I bite on her breasts lightly as a punishment for wearing panty. She moaned and her hand pressed my cock. I too moaned out of pleasure. Now I started rolling her underskirt above knee level. Our lips were locked during this time. I removed her panty and smelled it. Oh what a nice smell. I decided to keep panties with me and secretly kept in my pocket. She began to kiss my cock tip. I moaned. She got aroused, took my cock inside her mouth and began to suck it. She was sucking my cock as if she was hungry and will eat it now. I was holding & moving her head. After 4 to 5 minutes I came in her mouth. She swallowed each drop of it. Oh she gave an excellent blowjob. Thinking of it while writing this made me horny.

Now she sat on the floor. She placed her hand backward on the floor and her legs wide open as if welcoming me to pounce inside. I kneel down and moved towards her pussy. I touched her pussy. It was already wet. I licked her clit and fingered her pussy same time. She was moaning like hell, after 2 minutes she came. Now she wants me inside her. I gave her a condom to wear on my dick. She kissed on condom itself .Then took it and guided inside her pussy. Firstly I teased her pussy by removing and inserting her pussy. She begged not to tease her pussy and fuck her soon. Then I started ramming her.

She started moaning ha, ha. In a hurry I rammed it. It was a hot fucking session you know because we had no time, so it was like quickly in park. My mouth was crushing her breast and together we came. As we both were in hurry it lasted only for 30 minutes. Then she removed my condom, licked and clean up my cock and I too did the same with her pussy. Then she washed her pussy with water and started searching for her panties. She didn’t know first that I hid it in my pocket. When she didn’t find it she doubted and demanded her panty back. But I refused. After a lot of arguments she finally agreed to keep it with me. Then she wore her sari again. I gave a fascinating kiss on her lips and I wore my pant and both got ready to leave.

We went to the last temple. We were waiting for others to come. After sometime they arrived and asked us where we were? We told we went all temples but you team are late. She smiled at me and pinched from back without anyone noticing. After visiting temple all of them went together. While coming back, in front of everyone I asked her how was that? Everyone began to ask me what? She replies with a shy smile “you are a good rider”. All thought of about my bike ride but only we both know what was that ride. I winked at her. She smiled back. Our eyes met and she asked me through her eyes when will we meet again and I replied very soon. Now we both are desperately waiting for my next leave to spend more time with each other and to show the heaven of love.

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