Sex With Friend’s Wife Takes Me To Heaven HOT!

Hi ISS readers. I am Jeet, 27 years old, 5.10″ well build, handsome happy going guy who believe in enjoying the life as much as much possible. I have got 7 inch long and 3 inch thick big cock, which is capable of satisfying any lady , any number of times.This is a long story but you will enjoy the most as it is a true story.

I am married for two years with a beautiful girl and very happy with my sex life. I am working as software engineer in banglore living there with my wife.I became team lead in very small time. Without wasting much time lets come to the real story which happened two months back which changed my life completely.

Around six months back a person named Ramesh joined in my company in my team. He was of same age as that of me and was married. In very small time we became friends and one day he told me that he is looking for a house so that he can bring his wife Priya to leave with him. He was married around one year back.We searched a house near my house and he was told me that his wife would be coming next sunday with luggage and seek my help to shift into new house.But unfortunately I was busy somewhere on the day he shifts to new house with his wife and couldn’t help him. Then next day he invited me with my wife to his house for dinner on sunday and meet his wife.I accepted his offer.

Then on sunday my wife has some work so I called Ramesh and told him that we can’t come for dinner then he asked me atleast you come for some tea, I accepted and told him that I will reach in evening.In evening I reached his home and rang the door bell. Ramesh opened the door and welcomed me in.Then he called his wife Anita, come Jaat has come.Then suddenly Ramesh landline phone starts ringing and he rushed to a room to pick up the phone.Just when he enter the room, from another room his wife came out and starts walking towards me.

Oh my God!!. What a beauty.She was stunning, a real sex bomb.I can’t believe my eyes. I have never seen such a beautiful lady in my life. She was around 5.5 in height. 24 years old.She was having 34-26-34 figure, which I came to know later.She was wearing sky blue sari with matching blouse.She came close to me and said namaste but I was still staring at her beauty. Let me tell you something about the sex bomb.

She was very fair in color, beautiful eyes, nose and rosy lips with great smile.She was having very thin waist with very flat tummy with deep navel which was little visible through her sari. Now comes to her Boobs. Uffff…….unbelievable. Two proud boobs under her sari pallu.

They were just like two big mangoes full of juices.They were big, round, occupant, still firm and were shouting to tear and come out of her tight blouse.She has got the best melons I have ever seen.I have lost in her beauty.She again said namaste and I came to my senses and said n .n.n. …namaste bhabhi, i am ssssoryy…… She said come and turned back and start walking in front of me. Ohhhh…. I only said, looking at her back. She was wearing backless sari with only a strip on her shoulder and her back.Her back was so fair, smooth…Her hips were big, mounting backwards making perfect curve and going up and down as she walks. I had an instant hard on but I controlled myself. I followed her and she pointed to sit me on sofa.

Then she come with a glass of water from kitchen. As she was coming towards me I was looking at her body from top to bottom but she was looking down shyly. She came close to me, instead of taking glass I asked to put on table so that she bends. And yes, she bends a little and I saw a little of her beautiful cleavage.Then she gone to make tea. In the mean time Ramesh come and sit with me and start talking about various things.Then Priya came with tea and sit with us. I couldn’t resist myself looking at her but without the knowledge of Ramesh. She was talking very less and was still feeling shy.She was a very loyal housewife.After sometime I said good bye and left their home.On the whole way Priya’s beauty was not going out of my mind. She made me mad,restless.

I reached home, directly go to bathroom and jurked off thingking about Priya.

That night I fucked my pregnent wife three times thinking about Priya but still my tool was tight and I couldn’t sleep whole night.Few days passed by I decided not to go Ramesh home again and tried to forget about Priya because I didn’t want to cheat my wife but I was not able to forget her beauty but still trying.

One day Ramesh again asked me to come for dinner with my wife and I couldn’t say no and that was the fate of God.I went to their house with my wife for dinner.

Ramesh welcomed us and we sat on sofa.I was desperately waiting for Priya to come and she came wearing a skin tight low waist blue jeans and white top. She was looking damn hot.She was a perfectly shaped lady from top to bottom.Her top was very thin, sticking to her flat tummy and her boobs were oozing out from her top.Those lovely melons were inviting me to hold, press and suck like never before.She had prepared the dinner herself and it was as good as she was.I said Priya you have made delicious food with a smile. She looked at me shyly and only said thanks.We had some chat and then left we left.On that night I couldn’t fuck my wife as she was pregnent.I was unable to sleep thing about Priya. She was not going out of my mind so I have decided to have her.

My wife and Priya became quite good friends and we both family started get together frequently. I always stare at her body lustfully but she never gave any sign to move forward.Then after few days my has gone to my home town for delivery of baby. I was alone so Ramesh told that Priya will prepare food for you as well and they started giving me breakfast and dinner at my home. As I left for office early than Ramesh, Priya used to come to my home to give breakfast and Ramesh come for dinner. So all this give me good time to talk to Priya and now we started talking like friends and I was getting restless to fuck her.She used to wear different kind of dresses which make me more horny.

Now one day she told me I isn’t better if I prepare your food at your home. I was really happy to hear this and asked her you have to take permission from Ramesh.She said they have already discussed about it and he has no problem.I was very happy inside as it will give more time to spend with her.She started preparing food at my home and have got more time.I used to stand in kitchen with her while she cooks.She used to wear very tight lower and tight top which reveals her figure completely.

I always look at her melons from sideways. they look so great perfectly round, standing firm.her tight hips ufff…I started some naughty jokes which she really likes. Then I started some double meaning jokes, hearing those she became shy but never say no.That gives me confidence.I started praising her beauty.I started touching her from behind and sideways in kitchen, she never resists but I also never cross the limits.

One day evening she came in sari, looking really sexy, I praised her saying – Bhabhi you are looking really beautiful. Thanks , she said.  I have never seen such a beautiful lady – I said again. silly admirer, she said with a smile. no bhabhi, its truth, you look at yourself from top to bottom, you are a ss……. chup raho….roj roj naughty hote ja rahe ho….she said with smile.

Once while was coming to prepare breakfast, it started raining heavily and when she reached my house she became completely drenched.I opened the door and stunned to see her in that position. She was wearing tight lower and white top which were stuck to her body completely, revealing her figure perfectly.Lining of her bra was visible and also her nipples a little bit.Some part of her melons which was not covered in bra was also visible.Anyone can measure the size and shape of her mangoes.Her tummy was also visible.her wet lower was revealing her thighs.As she walks in and started walking, I was behind her. Her hips were going up and down and I had an instant hard on. I tried to hide but she might have noticed as it was making huge tent in my paints.A thought came in my mind to grab her but I controlled myself and thought to wait for a chance as it would have created a problem.

Then I came with same kind of dress (lower and top) of my wife to gave her to change. She take the dress and gone to bathroom to change.When she was in bathroom I was thinking she would be nude now and how she would be looking without clothes. Ohhhh…….She came out of bathroom and started cooking. I rushed to bathroom and there found her orange bra and red panty. I took her bra and sucks then take her panty and smell.Oh my God it smelling so nice.Now I came to kitchen thinking she was without bra and panty. When I look at her mangoes, they were still standing firm without bra but moving to and fro when she moves making me more and more mad.

Bhabhi, Ramesh is the luckiest man in the world- I said. How , why.- she asked with surprise. Because he has got such a beautiful and sexy wife- I said. She smiles and said – aisa kya h mujhme….You are stunning beauty from top to bottom, I said.

Chup raho…..she said with a killer smile.

I wouldn’t have gone to office, like Ramesh, if you were my wife—i said. Then what you would have done whole day at home…she asked. I would have loved you whole day and night, all the time and took you to seventh heaven – i replied.

That’s why I am not your wife—she said with sexy smile… I am going now, saying this she took her clothes and left my house, leaving me with fully erected mad cock.

Now I thought I have to take a chance otherwise I will die in desperation.In next two days I tried to take take chance but couldn’t. Next day I had to leave for office a little early so I started bathing. As always I had a full hard on thinking about my dream girl.

At home I have a habit of coming nude from bathroom. When I came out of bathroom, at the same time, at her usual time Priya enters my house and we standing against each other, only a few meters away. Oh God, i forgot to close the door, just came in my mind. She looked at my big rod with her expanded eyes. It was fully erected, pointed towards the roof.She was looking as if seeing for the first time.

She might be surprised by the big size of my cock.She was still staring at my rod with expanded eyes and mouth opened.She suddenly came to senses what she was doing and said sorry…and moved towards the kitchen.I was also shocked at what had happened and rushed to bedroom to wear my clothes.She prepared the food and left without saying anything. Even I was feeling bad and thinking if she tell this to Ramesh, it will spoil our friendship.

She didn’t came in evening, Ramesh called me to told that Priya is not feeling well.Even next day morning she didn’t came. I was very upset as I thought she must be annoyed with my act.So around 2pm I gathered some courage and called her, she didn’t pick but picked the phone when I called again. hello bhabhi- i said with low voice as I was feeling very shy hello -she said , feeling same thing. how are you bhabhi- i said. I am fine -she replied. Ramesh told you was not well yesterday.– i said I am fine now–she said. are you sure –i asked with some confidence ya-ya —she replied.

Then there was silence for few seconds from both sides. I am sorry bhabhi– i said with some courage. no reply from her as she understood reason for my sorry.. I am really sorry bhabhi, i would have locked the door, that was my big mistake, I was very worried as I thought if you told to Ramesh, it would have spoiled our friendship — i said in continuously. its ok, it was also my mistake also, I would have knocked the door before entering… she replied.

Actually bhabhi I have habit of coming out of bathroom like this at home and that day I had to left for office early. I don’t know if Ramesh has this kind of habit or not– i said. He is not so naughty like you –she replied. so you like my naughtiness –i asked I only said you are naughty, I never said I like it–she replied. ok.. Bhabhi please forget what had happened yesterday and what you have seen yesterday.— i said. no reply from her for few seconds…. then what she said made me start jumping in air……… How anyone can forget such a big missile — she replied. Oh.. my God……..this is what I was waiting for….my mistake made her melt down…so you liked my missile—i asked her.

I only said its a big missile, but never said I liked it…..she replied with a naughty voice…would you like to see it again—i asked .. I don’t want my sleep— she replied… why will you loose your sleep….i asked after seeing once I am unable to forget, if I see it again, I won’t sleep…she replied if you take it, after that you will get best sleep– i told naughtily… chup raho……..gande kahi ke……mujhe marna h kya itni badi missile leke..she said. tumhare pas to jannat ka vo darvaja h jisme bade se badi missile sama jaye……I replied. chup raho…badmaas kahi ke….besaram. … m phone rakh rahi hu…saying this she cut the phone….I was so happy as now I was very close to her love hole (pussy).

I left my office and reached Ramesh’s directly as I was unable to control my urge any more.I reached and rang the door bell. Priya opened the door and surprised to see me.I smiled at her, she smiled back and let me in.She was wearing pink sari and was looking absolute stunner as if waiting for me.Her round mangoes were making me mad.She make two cups of tea and we sat opposite to each other.There was silence for some time then I broke the silence and started talking.She asked me about Ramesh, I told him that he is going to chennai for some urgent work and will be back day after tomorrow.

Then her phone rang, it was Ramesh who told her about his chennai plan, she talk to him few minutes and then cut the phone. While taking tea, I was directly looking into her eyes and her body lustfully. she noticed and started looking down shyly.I stand up, gone to her and putting my hands on her shoulder, made her to stand.Now we were standing against each other but she was still looking down shyly.

I put my right hand under her chin and made her look into my eyes, she looked at once and looked down again shyly.I move little forward and kissed on her forehead. Seeing no resistance from her, I kissed on her rosy lips. ohh… great feeling , waiting for long time. Then kissed again and then started sucking her lower lip. She responds and also started sucking my lips.Now we both were madly sucking each other. Then I parted away and asked her to go to bedroom. she very shyly, said — no we should not do this. why ?? I asked.

We both are married—she said. so what— i asked. is it right for us to do…….she asked. we are not in position to think right or wrong.we both are desperate for each. if we stop, anything could happen, I may die due to desperation…I am dying to have you in my arms from the first time I saw you….i replied.I am desperate to fuck you for long time…i told her….

This is very bad….eyeing at others wife is very wrong…she replied.Its not my fault, you so beautiful, a real sex Goddess, i can’t stop thinking about you…i replied…lagta h erade nake nhi h aapke………meri saamat aane wali h…she said..don’t worry, i will take you to heaven, will make your night memorable…i said lets go to bedroom….i said what will you do there …she asked naughtily…when I first saw you , I was stunned, how anyone can be so beautiful and sexy..your fair color,face cut, eyes, nose, rosy red lips, pink cheeks,thin waist, flat tummy,deep navel, smooth skin, backward mounted hips and unbelievable boobs….they are big, round,firm and so soft…I am dying to suck your mangoes and pointed nipples………..i told her…….ohhh…my God you are eyeing me from the first time you saw me….

I knew you always looked at me lustfully, especially my mangoes, but never thought you were so desperate…she said. ab to mujhe bada darr lag raha h …tum kahi kha na jao mere pyare pyare mammo ko…mujhe nahi jana bedroom…she said again. don’t worry I will suck your mangoes to give the best ever pleasure…i said.and if you don’t go to bedroom, then how will take my big missile for which your are dyeing….i asked na na…mujhe nahi leni aapki khatarnak missile…..itni badi missile leke to m mar ji jaungi…she said. don’t worry tumhare savarag ke dvar(pussy) me puri missile sama jayegi…i said.. sama to jayegi but meri pyari ki gudia fat jayegi…..she replied.. you are saying like are a virgin and taking cock for first time…i asked. not taking cock first time …but such a big missile first time.. she replied smiling looking at big tent in my paint….she replied. means Ramesh has small cock.. i asked..He has got almost half that of yours…and that’ why I was stunned when I looked yours first time… she said..

Then you have never enjoyed real sex till now….this is like your suhagraat… will be your best night ever……i replied..Is it so…than what are you waiting for……she said Priya………..ahhhhhh… i moaned taking her in my arms…Jeet….ahahhaha…she also moaned…I took her to bedroom, closed the door and hugged her in my arms…

I started looking at her body lustfully..What are looking at …she asked…I am looking at beauty on earth, ready to be fucked by me.I still remember, the first day I saw you, but never thought, I will have this beauty in my arms so soon…..i replied.I can’t believe I gonna to remove clothes, gonna to suck these lovely melons, gonna to fuck you like hell for whole night…i said..She with a smile, your dream is in front of you, would you please start removing my clothes, I myself should put my mangoes in your thirsty mouth….she replied.I became mad and removed her sari pallu, in front of me were two most precious mangoes in tight blouse shouting to come out…

I went behind her and open the hook of her blouse and remove it….and put my hands on her melons first time from behind…she moaned……… them for some time and come in front….wow……her mangoes were looking great in red bra…………coming out of the bra……I started sucking her lips….then earlobes, neck , we both were sucking madly…Put one finger in her navel…and kissed on her flat tummy…..she was moaning…..sssssss…ahahhaaaaaaa………..

Then I went behind her and kissed her smooth silky back… then I unhooked her bra..and remove completely from her shoulders…I was still behind her…Now grabbed her nude melons from behind and kissing on whole back….aaaaaahhhaa..I was holding the perfect melons and pressing those soft lovely mangoes…..

Then I came in front…..ohhh my God……..what a pair of lovely boobs…….can’t describe in words…two perfectly shaped big mangoes…round…standing firm even without bra… soft, smooth…pink aroma with two small brown nipples…….unbelievable sight to watch…….i was looking with expanded eyes …..ab dekhte hi rahoge ya inko badakar, chuskar apna sapna bhi pura karoge……she asked me…….Kabse tadap raha tha inhe bina kapdo ke dekhne ke liye…….don’t worry aaj inko ji bharke dabaunga , chusunga……sara rus pi jaunga……….i replied…

I grabbed her right mango and started sucking her left mango….I was taking as much in mouth as possible.she was moaning……..ssssssssssahhhhhhhaa…where was you till now…….she asked ..I never felt so nice with my mangoes sucking ………she said…I was here only around you , but you never gave me chance…i replied…while sucking her left nipple………I was giving signal, you never understand…she said while moaning………….sssssaaaaa..

Dusra nipple bhi chus lo….ye bechara wait kar raha h……..she said..chinta mat kar …aidi se choti tak tera ang-ang chusna h aaj……..i replied to chuso na mana kisne kiya h ……….she said…aaaaaaa… dhire dire..dabao na….dard ho raha h…she said. dard me hi to asli maja h……..ssssssssss suck my nipples ……..ahhhhhhhhhhh I was our great fortunate that I saw our big cock by mistake….she said.. ya ya…we both want each other but no one has the courage to go ahead…. i said..What you felt when you saw that day… i asked…I was stunned to see such a big cock as Ramesh has got very small…she replied…I thought how it can be so big so i was looking with expanded eyes..she said..

After coming home I was unable to forget, as it was coming in front of standing like a pole again n again.. and I thought how your wife be taking that big lund. she said…Don’t worry you will also take it easily….i replied….it won’t be easy anymore, but I will definitely take it ….she replied…in the meantime she removed my shirt and now I removed her sari and peticot…she was in red panty now….looking so sexy….her thighs were so smooth…. Now she removed my paint and looked my big missile in underwear.It was making huge tent…she smiled….and pinched my cock.

Now she removed my underwear and in front of my dream girl comes out my big fat penis.Oh my God is much bigger than I had seen that day….she said…Today you are seeing it more closer and it more exited than ever…i replied..why it is more exited….she asked with naughty smile..

Because today it is in hands of most sexy lady, having best juicy lips which are going to suck it, having most juicy mangoes and having most lovely pussy which is desperate to take it in…..i replied …may i kiss my dear friend missile…she whatever you want, it is all yours….i replied…then I would like to eat it…she said…… if you do so, then what will your lovely pink hole do, which is dying to take it in…i replied…hmm… then i will suck it…she said…and take my shaft in her mouth….. ohhhhhhhhh… I moaned….my dream girl was sucking my cock…its dream come true…

She was kissing all over my rod, biting in between and then started sucking…..i was moaning like anything………assssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaasssss….or chus pura muh me daal le, ji bharke chus…..Priya kabhi jeebh se chatne lagti, kabhi kiss karti, kabho dant gada deti to kabhi lollypop ki tarah chusne lag jati…..mujhe itna maja aa raha tha ki explain nhi kar sakta……ssssaahhhhhhhaaa few more minutes sucking and I released a mountain of sperm in her mouth and she sucked the whole amount like she was thirsty for many years….it was a great pleasure………..I take my rod out of her mouth, she was all smiling at me…..

It was the best sucking I ever had…tumhara mota lund chuske itna maja aaya ki bata nahi sakti….ji kar raha tha chusti hi jau….she said….
don’t worry puri raat chusvaunga tujhe but ab ek baar mujhe bhi to apne hotho ki pyas bujhane de meri jaan…..i was pointing at her pussy…Ye meri yoni to kab se tadap rahi h….isme aag lagi hue h jisko tumhara bamboo hi bujha sakta h ….she said pointing at my rod…

Now I lay her down on bed and climb on top of her. She was in panty only.I kissed her from top to bottom. Jee bharke uske chucke dabaye or nipple chuse…or dabao or chuso inko kha jao……….bahut tadpate h ye hum dono ko….

Then i kissed on her navel area……….assssssssssssssah

Now I started moving my lips and tongue below her navel towards her love hole….she was moaving….now kissed on her thighs and inner thighs and very close to public area…….

Now comes the time I was waiting for. I started removing her panty slowelt slowely…..and comes out the most beautiful, precious,virgin like , lovely pink pussy………..I removed her panty completely and through away…..Now my dream girl was completely nude in front of me dyeing to take me in…I looked at her body from top to bottom. what a masmarising beauty, every part of her body was perfect……Now she closed her thighs to hide her pussy due to shyness. Why are you hiding your love hole from me…i asked..

I am feeling very shy, as this is first time anyone other than my hubby is looking at my pussy…………she said…sarma sarma ke chut marvayegi to bhi alag hi maja h.. i replied..vo to tum vaise bhi nahi chhodne walie… she said with smile…….agar m chhod du to tum chali jaogi…………i asked..ha bikul…she replied..Jhuthi kahi ki…………teri chut me jo aag lagi h vo kaise bujhegi……..i asked apni missile se puri raat mujhe chodo tabhi bujh sakti h…she pinched my rod…

I started kissing on her inner thighs near her pussy area…..she was now unable to control and parted away her thighs and displayed her lovely pussy……….Ohhhh my God….unbelievable sight that was…i will never forget………….she was clean saved, between her inner thighs , there were two vertical lips sticking to each other just like santre ki do phadiya ek dusre se chipki hue….she was having lovely pink pussy.Un do phadiyo ke bich ek patli si lakir………I parted away her thighs more but still lips were still close…..that was looking a virgin pussy….I bowed down and kissed on her pussy lips.. she moaned saaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……

Now I started kissing all over the pussy…..and than parted away her lips………ahhaaaahhhhhh……it was so beautiful inside..all fully red, small clitorious pointing out. I touched her clitorious with my tongue……she moaned ahhahhhhhh………..I started sucking her inside …….aaasssssssssssssahhhhhhhhh

Kabhi pussy lips pe kis karta kabhi under jeebh dal deta to kabhi dant gada deta……..and last me uski chut ko chtane laga…..itna maja aa raha tha ……….she was moaning aaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuffffffssssscccccccccccccc……..kha jao meri chut ko chato …ji bhar ke chuso….bahut tadpati h ye hum dono ko……….cccccccccccccsss.

She was oozing juices out and I was sucking , the taste was unbelievable…..then she jerked and sent out stream of juices which I drank completely………she was looking so happy …First time I came like this… the best ever….

Priya, abhi itna maja aa raha h to socho tab hamra kya hoga jab m apni missile tumhari surang me dalunga………..i asked…Jab tum mujhe chodoge… tab to maje me hm pagal hi ho jayenge…she replied…Please ab or mat tadpao dal do apna mota lund meri chut me…..she said agar dard hua to…i asked…chahe mar bhi jau…….but tum chodo please……….she replied

Now I came between her legs, parted her leg as much as possible….parted her pussy lips and put tip of my big rod on her small hole….I started rubbing my dick on her pussy….she was restless now…pleading me to insert…please ab mat tadpao, dal do under please…..she said…and started jumping to take my rod in.

I put some force and tip of my rod inserted into her lovely cunt.her hole was very small n tight compared to my thick rod. I again pushed with more force and my half of my rod was in…it was really paining her. aaaaaaaaaahhh she cried…..I stop for some time and started sucking her lips, mangoes…..

She asked me kitna under chala gaya…aadha gaya h… dard ho raha h kya…i asked ha …. thoda ho raha h …………..she replied…or nahi dalna kya… i asked…no no …pura dalna h….pahli baar aisa mast lund mila h …i want to make this night memorable…aaj to meri suhagraat jaisi hi h ….tum bbhi kitna tadpe ho mere lite tumhe paisa kaise chhod du…she replied and again started jumping …

Then with full force I again gave two thrusts and it was completely in…she cried ….aaaaaaa marrrr gayiiiiiiii…..aaaaaaaaaaaa

I put my lips on hers and started pressing her lovely melons….Jyada dard ho raha h i asked……ha but I will take care….kitna under chala gaya…she asked..pura chala gaya…jis missile ko dekhke tumhe nind nahi aayi thi vo ab puri ki puri teri chut me ghusi hue h…i replied….ohhhhhwowww………………how you feeling now….she asked..unbelievable, dream come true…i am the luckiest person in world as my big rod is in the most lovely pussy of most beautiful sexy bomb lady….

Mujhe visvas nahi ho raha ki….mere dost ki vahi wife jise dekhte hi mere hos udd gaye the…jiske bare me din-rat sochta rahta tha, na jane kitne sapne dekhe h, kitna tadpa hu…jiske liye pagal ho gaya tha….jiski aavaj sunne ke liye, jiske sirf darsan karne ke liye tadpata rahta tha…jiske mast boobs kapdo me dekhke hi pagal ho jata tha uske vahi boobs aaj ji bharke chus raha hu, vo khubsurat pari meri baho me nangi padi h or mera lamba mota mast lund uski chut ke under h …or kuchh pal me use m ji bharke chodne wala hu…or jab chahu moka milega ji bhar ke choda karunga.its unbelievable…dream come true….I replied..What about you, I asked..

Being most beautiful and sexy lady never take the taste of real sex.Mere pati ka dost ja bada handsome h, dhire -dhire mujhe flirt karta raha or mujhe pata bhi nahi chala or vo mujhe achha lagne laga or ek din usne apna mast lund dikhke mujhe pagal kar diya jiske liye m tadapne lagi….or aaj vo mast lund pura meri chut me samaya hua h jo sadi ke ek saal baad pahli baar mujhe sex ka asli maja de raha h or agle kuchh pal me mujhe ji bahrke chod ke jannat ki asli sair karane wala h. vo mere pati ka dost nahi mere liye to farista h ……she replied.What about ur pain now..i asked her….

She started jumping and said give me the best fuck ever meri jaan….mujhe itna ji bharke chodo ki sari dunia bhul kar hum chudai ke sansar me chale jaye…she replied…chinta mat karo tumhari aisi chudaikarunga ki jindgi bhar bhul nhi paogi…or roj mujhse chudwane aaogi….mujhe tere es sangmarmar badan ne kitna tadpaya h m hi janta hu. kaisi kaisi dress pahan kar jisme up down karte hips, patli waist, flat tummy and tane hue gol gol mote mote boobs, dimag kharab kar rakha tha mera……i said mujhe bhi kitna flirt karte the, mast body , style marke mujhe impress kar liya or fir last me apna mast mota lund dikha ke to mejhe pagal kar diya……ab please chodo mujhe ..maaro dhakke….she replied…

Now I take my cock out till tip and then insert again slowly but few slow strokes i increased the speed….Priya started moaning ..aaaaaaassssssssssmaja aaa gaya…….or tej codo……….and I started pumping her at full 7 inch thick rod was going in and out of her lovely pussy at full speed..As much i increase the speed , her soft melons started jumping as much. and encourages me to increase the speed….me and Priya were moaning like hell….aaaahhhhhhssscccccccccchuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… whole bedroom was filled with moaning sound……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhcccccccccccfuck me hard ….take to heaven …….tear my pusyyy…..aaaaaaa
or jar se chodo mere jeet……ranggen bano do meri raat…aaaaaaa when i came near climax, i stop for few seconds and start again …..

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