The Day I Proposed And Had Fun With Gf – Part I

My name is Praveen ([email protected], [email protected]) This is my first story here forgive if any grammar mistake, am from Chennai now working in Bangalore, today am sharing one of my experience which happened with my girl friend a month ago, her name is Nisha (name changed) at that time she is working as nurse in Ramachandra med hosp (Chennai) right now she quit the job and working in some other hosp. Am fair complexion and well build normal guy. My girl friend is just like Eva Green, fair complexion beautiful curves and almost a blond. She was born and brought up in Vellore she looks Xerox copy of Thamana. Let’s get into the story amt me I completed my schooling’s in Karnataka after completing my schooling my father was transferred to Tamil Nadu near Krishnagiri. So I have decided to join diploma in Chennai one of my cousin searched college for me I have joined diploma in Thirunindravur (Jaya poly college) near Avadi (Chennai).

Until my third year I never talked with any girls unnecessarily In between I was helping my brother with his love. My brother is in Andhra and her lover was working in Chennai so for his needs I became like an intermediary where I shod put conference for them and wanna let them talk because his parents never allow him to talk in phone for long and for some other reasons.

Then I came to introduced with Nisha who is friend of my brothers lover, we became friends in phone chatted for long time I never talked with a girl before like that. After a 2 months we decided to meet while she was moving to her native she informed me to come Poondhamalli bus stop where she get bus to her native, After my college I went to Pondhamallie bus stop but it was so late due to the traffic, she was really angry with me due to the delay, this was our first time meet. I thought it will be bad mark on me, once I reached I called her and said sorry and asked where she is and she replied waiting for her bus outside and the dress collar. She was wearing and she raised her hand and said she is raising her hand for me and I saw a girl with same color dress and hands raised what a beauty she was I went to her and said hi she replied the same with her smile and gave a chocolate for me.

Later I praised about her beauty and she was kept on her smiling continuous after she gave a complement that I am fair then all of her friends and her brothers. after seeing her I was not able to step back to hostel that day the bus she was waiting for is also arrived, I have decided to travel with her and asked for the same with her at first she refused and asked what about the college tomorrow I said it is not important than you, I can leave you in your home town and will be back in the same bus and will attend the college tomorrow for sure.

Later she told she is also feeling the same and we boarded the bus , the bus started moving I don’t know what I felt I put my hands on her shoulder she saw me and asked what I said nothing, then

Me: u are the first girl in my life, I don’t know how I feel but you are somewhere related to my heart
She: I feel the same, we just meat now but I feel like I knew u for longer months
Me: I love you
She: I don’t know what to say. I need some time
Me: k take your own time, but please let me to love you
She: mmmm
Me: I would like to kiss u(I said this while talking in phone itself , when I see u I will really bite your lips)
She: pleas don’t do it. If my parents see any mark they will never let me to come back
Me: I took her hand and kissed it
She: that’s enough for now
Me: when will u come back
She: y ????
Me: I will come to pick u back
She: no need I know the way to come back
Me: is it then k your wish
She: k I will tell, but u don’t put leave for college
Me: then how can I come
She: u take the same bus, I will b waiting for u and will b back together, I will go to hostel you can go to your college
Me: took her hand and kissed again and again
She: mmmm enough
Me: kept on rubbing my left elbow to her right boobs
She: what are you doing
Me: nothing ? Why, what happen?
She: nothing.
Me: pressed her right boobs very hard when the bus jerked off
She: she said ahaaaaaa and closed her eyes in pain
me: sorry! Sorry! Sorry! What happen?
She: it’s really paining hard (Bus lights were off)
Me: where ???
Me: what happen/where?????
She: where u pressed; there only
Me: I kept my hand on her right boobs and asked, here is it
She: (pushed my hand back) said nothing
Me: again I kept my hand on her right boobs and asked whether its paining really hard ha.
She: mmmmmmm
Me: started to smooch it slowly
She: (closed her eyes)
Me: (I can feel her erected nipples) kissed her cheek
She: she was silent

I put my left hand on her solder took it towards her back. She lay on my lap Meanwhile I realized her hairs and started feeling back with left hand and ass from right hand. We kissed more than ten minutes; she broke the kiss as she couldn’t breathe. I said I love u so much and she said I need it all the way. Went near to her hear kissed and said your breast are so soft and started feeling her back and playing with the bra strap above the t-shirt. Then we started to kiss passionately. While kissing I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started to pull the strap. She broke the kiss and said please don’t break it. It’s very special to me. We started to kiss again and I just unhooked the bra from behind and took my hands out. I took my hands to her shoulder from sleeves and pulled the bra strap from shoulder to out of hands. And then I put my hand inside the shirt from stomach and felt all the way to breast and pulled the loosened bra out. And I broke the kiss and said then let’s keep this bra safe. She took it from my hand and kept aside pleas put it back if my parents noted anything strange that’s will be end full all of this.

Now I just looked deep into eyes and gave a very wet kiss on eyes then eye brows. Then forehead then licked her nose and rolled my tongue to her cheeks. Made my face as wet as she is still lying on me. And I saw her she had her eyes closed completely. Then put my hands under her t-shirt through stomach and pressing her right breast soft. Her lips were near my ears and she moans in pleasure aaahh aaahhhh please do it slow this day is very special to me I will never forget it. And then she licked my left ear so wet. I started to pull her t-shirt up and moved myself little down and then I found her naked breast I held above me and licked around her right nipple her moan were increasing and by now her right breast is so wet except nipple. Then I did the same to left breast. Her weight on me had increased and she started to move up and down. I continued to tease her nipple she moan in pleasure then started biting nipple. It was a hard bite. She can’t bare the pain and got up and sat on and I saw her fair beautiful breast has become so red (in the light the buses passing by) and she rubbed it with her bag because of pain. I again started to squeeze her boobs to reduce the pain for which she never refused.

I slowly started to kiss her most passionately and creased my hands throughout her body. She was not stopping me and I was in full mood so I made courage to move further below my limit. I went down and then inserted mu hand from lower portion of her shorts I could feel her soft skin. I moved further up to my surprise she didn’t stopped me I start to play with lips of her well shaved pussy over her panties. And pinched it a little and she moaned then I took my one hand inside her bottom and started touching her pussy all this action was covered with her shall that she was having. I started fingering her pussy and she held me close and kissed me for the first time and said in my ears pleas don’t leave me da you are the first guy to touch me and again kissed her this time lip locked.

Tried to let my finger in her pussy she stopped me and said pleas don’t do this is really paining. Again I took my fingers over her panties this time I said I will never insert any fingers in it. so she let me in and I started smooch her pussy over her panties. she caught my hands very tight with her knees I hand is feeling high temperature over there later her body started shivering and I knew she was going to cum so I smooched her even harder and she came with a loud moan that I controlled it with a lip lock kiss. Later she adjusted herself and slept on my lap and never talked a word until we reach.

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