The Wild Fun With Couples In Bangalore – Part I

Hello Readers,

I am Aryan from Bangalore. Been a regular reader of ISS and yeah have been having lots of wild fun.

This story is about one of my encounters with a couple in Bangalore. About me, am 29 good looking guy with good experience in wild fun. About the couples, he: 32 and she: 30. Sorry I won’t give out names/details about them as that’s one of my rules to maintain secrecy.

Coming to the story – we met over internet and exchanged emails about who we were etc. but never exchanged our pictures which added to the zing of the unknown.

After a time of 3-4 months once we were comfortable we decided to meet for D day.

She gave me the address and I reached their place. I was not sure who I am gonna meet neither were they as to how would they or me look etc. In short it was a planned blind date.

Once I reached the place, there she was smiling and waiting to see me remove my helmet. As soon as I saw her, the first word I thought was man she’s damn hot. She was slim, tall and had perfect curves at the right places. We hugged and went into the hall. I met her husband who seemed to be a shy guy. Before you guys assume anything, I am Straight guy and so was her husband.

So we three sat and started talking on common stuff as an ice breaker and started sipping some whiskey. He was shy and she was looking at me with lusty eyes and that was turning me on. She looked at her husband and he nodded at her. She stood and came to me and started to kiss me. That was the beginning and I started to kiss her back wildly sucking each other’s lips and tongue. My hands traveled all the way down her spine to realize how smooth her skin was.

I asked her husband if he wants to join to which he said u carry on he will join in sometime. I took her in my arms n started to lick her ears and neck. Then she placed her hand on my already hard dick and started pressing and feeling the length of it. She whispered in my ears that she loves the size of mine and gave me a wild bite on my neck. I responded back by biting her shoulders.

That’s the moment I realized this is gonna be a wild night as both of us were wild in fun.

I started to play with her sexy firm boobs teasing her nipples one by one while my tongue was doing its magic on her ears. She started scratching her nails on my back (I love long painted nails in women) and pushed me on the sofa. She removed my t-shirt and started to lick my chest. This was the moment the heat increased and her husband also joined and started to press her soft ass. She left out a soft moan as now she had me biting her nipples over her top and he was biting her soft ass from behind.

I removed her top and bra and turned her around and started licking her spine. He started to suck n bite her boobs very hard as I could see her moaning loudly due to pain. So to make her feel d wildness I licked her clean shaved armpits and gave a hard bite on her neck. These made her mad and she pulled my hairs n started sucking my nipples hard one by one. Man this gave me so much pleasure and pain I couldn’t stop grunting in mixed feelings.

While she did it, her husband removed her shorts. Now she was fully nude. She got up and demanded both of us to shed our clothes. We did as told and all three of us went inside the bedroom for the next level. When we entered she pushed her husband on d bed and started to lick his dick. This gave me d nice view of her sexy ass and I just started to lick her ass and fingered her pussy. She couldn’t say anything as he made her deep throat his dick which she was enjoying.

I started to lick her pussy and she had one of the best tasting cunts I have had. She came to me and started licking my balls and held my dick in her hand. In one shot she went wild on my dick and took it in her mouth and started to suck it wildly deep throttling it and biting in between. We 3 took a deep breath after a while and started drinking some more whiskey as we knew we want to go to a higher level.

She asked me to enter her first and I obliged. I started playing with her pussy by rubbing my dick on her pussy slowly teasing her. In between I thrust it a little inside her to give her soft pleasure. This was making her mad for a fuck. She held me tightly and pulled me inside. Her pussy was so hot I felt my dick melting in her juices. I started fucking her slowly while she pulled her husband and started sucking his dick. I was rubbing her boobs hard which made her suck him faster and deeper. I started to fuck her harder with long deep thrusts now.

I made her come on top and ride me. I love this style.. She obliged and started riding me hard and fast. We three were lost in a different world. All I could smell in the room was the scent of lust.

I will continue this story soon. Please do give me your feedback and how you would like me to improve writing as this is my first post. You can email me your comments/suggestions as well on [email protected]

Part 2 coming soon which would tell you how wild it got once me and her husband started playing with her at the same time.